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“A Woman’s Place is in…… CONTROL ! ” . . .

{10 Days To Safer, More Empowered Lifestyle}

20 Years of Research, couple with intimate conversations with 1000’s of professional women and their teenage daughters while they attended my classes and seminars have helped me gather incredible insights dealing with self defense that makes sense. All the philosophies, ideas, concepts, strategies, tactics and techniques compiled are effective, real world, practical, simplistic, easy to learn and powerful once you believe in them and yourself.

This book will impact you and make you reevaluate the way you view the risk factors in your daily life, your ability to assess danger, read signals, sharpen your own natural survival instincts and push your self reliance skills and your confidence to a new level to keep you safe in an unsafe world.

This is also the “Perfect Gift” to pass on to anyone you care about: i.e. Your daughter heading off to College, High School Student starting to date, or a Spouse or Partner who’s just too busy to worry or think about how often they are stepping into a potentially dangerous scenario. Every 35 seconds….. Help them avoid becoming the next victim this year or next . . .

Personal Empowerment & Security! Comprehensive, innovative and powerful collection of personal strategies, ideas & techniques. Topics discussed include: Crime Targets, Fear Factor, Vital Strike Points, Date Rape, Getting Calm in Crisis, The “Dirty Dozen” & much more . . .

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Book: “A Woman’s Place is in…… CONTROL ! ”  . . .

{10 Days To Safer, More Empowered Lifestyle}

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You might only need this once in your life... But once is more than enough . . .

New Book: “A Woman’s Place is in .… CONTROL ! ” . . .

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