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Questions . . .

What benefits will a Take Control Self-Defense workshop bring to my organization?

  • Keep your people safer from violent crime so they can show up for work

  • Programs honestly address the #1 hottest topic and concern in America today

  • Instills new confidence, increases total productivity and decreases stress

  • Prepares all participants with strategies to handle crisis and emergencies

  • Shows great appreciation to personnel in a powerful, entertaining event

  • Empowers and inspires every audience to increase sponsor loyalty


What will attendees learn in a Take Control Self-Defense workshop?

Realistic Executive Security
Bottom line concepts and self tests for potential risks at work or at home

Critical Attitudes/Positive Self Image
Drills to solidify the fact that attitude determines our actions and self image directs our actions

Powerful Non-Verbal Communication
Techniques to change signals unconsciously sent or (not) sent out to predators

Three Centers of Self-Based Security
High impact exercise to get insight into the physical, mental and emotional sides of real world self-protection

Working with Fear and Panic in Crisis
Steps to harmonize with extreme fear and action-based solutions to assess, think, plan and effectively act -- instead of react

Physical Survivor Tools & Techniques
Beyond Karate 101 -- simple, yet devastating releases, blocks, strikes and counterattacks to common scenarios; the number of techniques reviewed is dependent on the time allotted for the sessions

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You might only need this once in your life... But once is more than enough . . .

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